Monday, January 7, 2008

Why Impeach Bush and Cheney?

George McGovern wrote an op ed in the Washington Post Sunday titled, Why I Believe Bush Must Go. The rest of the title is: Nixon Was Bad. These Guys Are Worse. in the article, McGovern lays out the 'high crimes and misdemeanors' which he believes ought to be charged to both Bush and Cheney.

At the end of his article, he says:

I believe we have a chance to heal the wounds the nation has suffered in the opening decade of the 21st century. This recovery may take a generation and will depend on the election of a series of rational presidents and Congresses. At age 85, I won't be around to witness the completion of the difficult rebuilding of our sorely damaged country, but I'd like to hold on long enough to see the healing begin.

Nancy Pelosi said when she came to power in January 2007 that impeachment was off the table. Period. Quite the odd statement and, as I recall, few challenged her decision. One wonders why she closed the door on impeachment. Too few years left? Too divisive? There are other things that require Congress' attention?

I cannot remember who it was that said it was important to impeach these two as a lesson to future presidents, to be reminded that their power is only one-third of the governance of this nation. The person was worried that the 'imperial presidency' so enlarged by George Bush, would continue to expand with each succeeding president until we lost the governance-intention of the Constitution.

I think that is a wise comment and a timely lesson to be learned.

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