Monday, January 7, 2008

Ron Paul Exposes GOP Vulnerability

He's a thorn in the side of the other GOP candidates, an annoying gnat that just hangs around. Ron Paul brings up 'the' question time after time in the GOP debates and is scorned for doing so. The other day Charlie Gibson of ABC News asked about the $100 dollar oil and how America could address the growing need worldwide for that oil.

The other candidates spun and spun, defending the status quo, some suggesting more drilling, others suggesting that within a decade we should have more efficient cars or some other platitude. Then it was Ron Paul's turn. No doubt the other 5 candidates gritted their teeth. "When you spend a trillion dollars on a war and borrow that money from China, and the value of that dollar keeps falling, then you get $100 dollar oil," he said wryly.

Fred Thompson, apparently the hit-man for the team, laughed and belched some one-line retort at him. He responded, "It's true and then our government prints more money and it becomes even less valuable." Thompson's big grin stayed on his face and he grunted again.

The trillion-dollar-war was brought up again later to the group with a similar grin from John McCain, who grunted some idiotic statement about al-Quada's rise had we not gone into Iraq. Paul used it a third time when the topic was universal medical care for Americans.

The trillion-dollar-war is a noose ready to be hung around the GOP candidate in the general election; the other 4 candidates have gladly stuck their necks out defending George Bush's War. It would not take too much refinement of the Ron Paul statements for the Democratic candidate to hang the GOP nominee. Thanks to one man who was not afraid of opening Pandora's Box.

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