Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Will the Ohio Democratic Party Fizzle Again this Presidential Year?

The Ohio Democratic Party is looking for a win. So is Ohio State football, but that's a relatively unimportant event. The Presidency of the United States is on the line and I'm not sure if the Ohio Democratic Party under the 'leadership' of chairman Chris Redfern is up to the task. He couldn't even get the feuding Lucas County Democratic Party to unite. How will he deliver Ohio to the blue column this November?

A week ago I wrote about the voter-suppression tactic 'vote-caging,' successfully used in the 2000 and 2004 presidential elections by the GOP. Vote-caging targets minority voters and intimidates them at the voting booth, charging them with illegal residency. The GOP operatives have a 'return to sender' envelope sent back to them by the Post Office, proof that this voter does not live at the address on the voting roll.

Just after that post, I emailed the ODP at the link I posted in my post. I asked what the ODP is doing to address this tactic. I have not received a reply. A few days ago, I sent another email from another email address I have; no reply yet.

Tomorrow I will phone the ODP and listen to their excuses for not emailing me the answer. It will be interesting.

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