Thursday, March 27, 2008


Blogging is an interesting hobby for lots of people. It takes work to maintain a quality blog that is more than a diary. I scour many sources each morning looking for stories that interest me and that I think would be worth discussing with others here on my blog. The newspaper and TV also suggest topics for my posts as well as many sources that I have in my 'favorites' folder.

Sometimes I am inspired from a comment someone has made in another thread and I decide to expand upon it. Once in a while an idea just comes to me. There are down times too. Times when I get little inspiration.

One of the most challenging aspects of running a decent blog occurs when negative comments begin to show up. Surely my political place on the spectrum drives my posts and ideas and I realize that not everyone will agree with my point of view. There can be discussion and debate, but too often, because of our highly polarized political atmosphere here in America, the discussion degrades into a battle of merely scoring points.

When that level has been reached, common sense fails and bitterness results. This can be see these days in the Clinton-Obama struggle- a struggle that may cost the Democrats an easy victory in November. That level has been reached on this blog.

My personal philosophy has run into a polar opposite who shows up here even when she is asked to cease commenting here. We will never agree on issues: she is far to the right of me. I am a liberal Catholic and she is a fundamental Free Methodist. We will never find any common ground. When I post a topic she immediately finds fault; I have done the same on her blog, although she does not post as often as I.

Earlier this evening I asked her to stop posting on my blog. This was the second time, separated by a couple of months. The first time it took quite a bit of persuasion to make her realize that I was serious about not posting. Finally, she understood what I meant and ceased.

Then, late in February, one short comment would be posted by her. A few days later came another. Then a longer one and then more. I asked her to stop posting but she replied, 'ban me!' Banning is not a function of blogger. Her audacity grew and she became bolder with her comments and she was right back to her old self flooding my posts with her trite babble and righteousness.

Interestingly she was asked to leave a French blog because of the same behavior over there. Of course, that did not stop her, and she continued on with 5000 word comments and Gospel preaching. She was clearly unwelcome but would not leave. The regular posters who had begun the blog started insulting her just to make her leave. But she would not. It became very nasty there and finally the blog owner convinced her that it would best if she went away.

She did for about 6 weeks and then she showed up, commenting just like before, oblivious to the pledge she made to not post there. She was defiant and told them that she had the right to post on the blog. Not surprisingly, the people became angry again, so much so that ugly remarks began to be hurled at her. She was still posting there this afternoon.

She defied my statement tonight too and posted another comment after my request to cease and desist. She must be terribly mixed up. She does not learn. She will not stop her intrusiveness. She knows no boundaries or common sense.

As a result, I have closed down the ability to comment freely on this blog. I have had to invoke that dreadful "comment moderation" mode that I, personally, have railed against on right-wing blogs.

It's a shame that you all have to be 'punished' because of the actions of one woman. It reminds me of the 'class punishment' that kids had to suffer because one brat caused the trouble. But, that is where we are tonight.

Thanks for understanding.

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