Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Why Ron Paul Scares the GOP

The title of this post is from Time/CNN They begin:

There used to be an organization for people who believed in a truly limited government — limited taxes, limited spending, limited interference in individual lives and limited intervention in foreign affairs. That organization was known as the Republican Party. But the only one of those beliefs that still motivates the G.O.P. establishment is limited taxes. In 2008, people who still hold all of them joined the Ron Paul Revolution.

That, sadly was your father's/grandfather's GOP; it is quite ill and has a terminal case of suffocation. Suffocated by religious zealots and neocons who both kidnapped the party and hold it hostage. Today's GOP is a nightmare conglomeration of self-interest groups who have no ide4a what the Grand old Party used to be when real statesmen were proud members. Today kooks like Newt Gingrich and Pat Robertson and Dick Cheney typify the idiot junta strangling the party to death.

The article continues:

But even if Paul's ideological purity is never going to get him to the White House, it does help illuminate the impurities — and sometimes the hypocrisies — of today's Republicans, just as Ralph Nader can do for the Democrats. The G.O.P. candidates all claimed to defend taxpayers, but Paul was the only one who refused to accept a taxpayer-funded pension or taxpayer-funded junkets. The candidates all talked about shrinking big government, but Paul was the only one who included the Pentagon and NSA wiretaps and petroleum subsidies in his definition. Bush's approval ratings have been abysmal for years, but Paul was the only Republican who really campaigned for change.

Hypocrisies? In the GOP? Now there's a real surprise. Who'da guessed something like that? Yet, listen to the rest of this article:

And in doing so Paul illustrated what was so striking about the Republican race. The leading candidates had all strayed from Bush and current orthodoxy in the past — Rudy Giuliani on abortion and gay rights, John McCain on tax cuts, torture, health care and campaign finance, Mitt Romney on just about everything. But while Paul was getting attacked every time he called for a new direction, the rest spent the primaries minimizing and renouncing their previous departures, implicitly promising four more years of Bushism. McCain is lucky he has some time to craft a new message, because that's not where America stands today, either.

Now it becomes crystal clear why the current GOP will have nothing to do with Ron Paul. And, as the title of this piece states: Why Ron Paul Scares the GOP.

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