Friday, March 28, 2008

Fresh Snowfall Adds Ironic Beauty to Tombstones

Truthout displayed the logo to the right on its website, a story about the gathering- named Winter Soldier- of more than 200 veterans in Silver Spring, Maryland to testify about their experiences in Iraq and Afghanistan, urging an end to the occupation.

I received an email this morning asking if I would help take down the 5000 wooden tombstones that dot the lawn of the Lucas County Courthouse, now brightened by 3 inches of new snowfall overnight. Fresh snow usually is a welcomed sight, but not in late March. Yet it covers the ugly mud surrounding these 5000 memorials to our dead military men and women.

The snow cannot cover the reality of it all: the lies, the spin, the half-truths that were used to con the American people and the soldiers themselves into believing that this preemptive invasion of Iraq was essential to our security. A pack of lies told over and over again. Lives lost, families grieved, wounded forever scarred.

Fresh snow is a great cover-up but it will melt and the truth will once again be exposed.

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