Wednesday, March 26, 2008

How's that Surge Going?

Poor John McCain. Nothing seems to go the right way for the man. He's stuck supporting the Bush/Cheney War and the Surge- something that, until yesterday, he touted in every political speech he gave. "The surge is working!" he would say with conviction.

Then came the 'unrest' in Basra and then in Baghdad. Seems the Shia militias have had enough of playing goody-goody and watching their future stake in Iraq diminish. There is talk that Conoco wants Iraqi oil, oddly enough. After all, what else does that country have to offer the rest of the world? Pre-war sign: NO BLOOD FOR OIL!

So no doubt John McCain is talking other issues today while the 'unrest' continues to spread throughout the country. Prime Minister Nouri Maliki has ordered all militia to turn in their weapons in 72 hours. Sure. Where is the collection pile?

Militia. Isn't the 2nd amendment to the Constitution all about militias and bearing arms?

Meanwhile we can expect 2 or 3 Americans to die in these 72 hours as we referee their civil war.

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