Thursday, March 6, 2008

Hillary's Blather for the Dumbed-Down Voters

Upon winning the Ohio primary on Tuesday evening, Hillary Clinton said to supporters gathered to cheer her, "You all know that if we want a Democratic president, we need a Democratic nominee who can win the battleground states, just like Ohio. And that is what we've done. We've won Florida, Nevada, New Mexico, Arizona, Michigan, New Hampshire, Arkansas, California, New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Oklahoma and Tennessee."

Excuse me, Mrs. Clinton, but your pitiful geopolitical knowledge seems to be showing. Since when have Massachusetts, California, New Jersey, New York, and Michigan turned red? They haven't voted for a Republican president in 20 years.

I've another question: Oklahoma? What is your plan to turn Oklahoma blue this year? The last time Oklahoma voted for a Democrat was for Lyndon Johnson in 1964. No doubt Arizona will be solidly red with its senator running on the GOP side. Tell us, what is your strategy to shake Texas from the grip of the GOP this fall? And Tennessee?

The fact is that Mrs. Clinton has 'taken' the blue states while Obama has taken many red states. What does that information indicate? I'm betting that red states Virginia and Missouri, both won by Obama, are much easier plucking this year for the Democrats than Oklahoma and Texas. Add to that Colorado, now trending blue, also won by Obama.

Let's not throw names around without knowing the facts. Not all of us are dumbed-down, ya know.

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