Sunday, March 2, 2008

Three headlines Prove the Impotency of the Bush Administration

The first 3 headlines on Yahoo News this morning prove the impotence and incompetence of the Bush Administration during these past 8 years:

Ahmadinejad calls Iraq 'brotherly'
Russia votes for Putin's successor
Israeli aircraft target Hamas office

And these are just the international headlines. For now, we'll pass over the recession, mortgage crisis, the National Debt, inflation, and unequal distribution of wealth, trade, and labor issues.

The Bush/Cheney Big Blunder in Iraq has undone what the GOP hero Ronald Reagan accomplished when he worked to equalize the power struggle between Iran and Iraq during their 8-year war. Now Iran is the superpower among the Muslim nations of the Middle East thanks to the misguided efforts of the naive governor of Texas.

BAGHDAD - Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said Sunday his landmark visit to Iraq opened a new chapter in "brotherly" relations between the two countries, which were once bitter enemies.
Ahmadinejad is the first Iranian president to visit Iraq. The trip not only highlights his country's growing influence on its Arab neighbor in the post-Saddam Hussein era, but it also serves as an act of defiance toward the U.S., which accuses Iran of training and giving weapons to Shiite extremists in Iraq.

All that the impotent Bush Administration can now do is to 'accuse' and 'threaten' Iran which snubs it nose at the United States. Foreign policy? Bomb and think, bomb and revise.

Russia votes in the mouthpiece of Putin. Putin, whose very soul the naive governor looked into down at the ranch, has ordered his nuclear bombers back to the skies and has tightened control of Russia in a dictatorial fashion. Russia, which is helping Iran with its nuclear programs, seems to be playing a very effective game of chess with the clueless governor.

MOSCOW - Russia's voters are expected to endorse Vladimir Putin's choice of a successor in Sunday's presidential election, allowing Putin to retain a measure of power in his nation, whose wealth and global voice have grown even as democratic freedoms diminished.
Dmitry Medvedev, a 42-year-old lawyer and loyal Kremlin aide, is expected to take over from Putin, whose eight years as president have left a deep imprint on the world's largest country. Medvedev has said he would offer Putin the prime minister's post.

Israel bombs the Palestinians. Oh, really? Again? What about that peace trip to the Middle East in November? After ignoring the Israel-Palestinian problem for 7 years, it looks like Mr. Bush's last minute effort to reclaim his legacy just blew up. I suppose the quote from Bush prior to the meeting is meaningless now: "I am looking forward to continuing our serious dialogue with you and the president of the Palestinian Authority to see whether or not peace is possible. I am optimistic. I know you are optimistic. And I thank you for your courage."

GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip - Israeli aircraft sent missiles slamming into the office of the prime minister of Hamas-ruled Gaza before dawn on Sunday, pressing forward with an offensive that has killed nearly 70 Palestinians in two days of fighting. A 21-month-old girl was among the dead in new violence.

Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh's office was empty at the time of Sunday's airstrike, but the raid was seen as a tough message to the Hamas leadership, which Israel holds responsible for repeated rocket barrages launched from Gaza.

Foreign policy? I'd laugh but the tears get in the way...


Abbas breaks contact with Israel
Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas suspends contacts with Israel in protest at a bloody assault on Gaza.

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