Sunday, March 2, 2008

What do Action Verbs Say About a Candidate?

The Toledo Blade compared the 4 leading candidates in an article called, Where They Stand on the Issues. The 4-column piece compared the candidates on 5 issues: Trade, Health Care, Environment, Deficit, and Education. [article not linked on net]

I am wondering about the opening verb of each issue statement as a comparison of their strength. What judgment can be made based on that action verb? Who knows, but here is that analysis.

Hillary Clinton: revise, double, opt out, eliminate, require, prohibit, provide, auction, create, set up, set, reform, protect, move toward, reverse, emphasize, end, ensure, recruit, create, provide, offer, create, make, cut.

Barack Obama: use, oppose, pressure, stop, opt out, make available, create, require, use, invest, invest, require, enforce, repeal, require, offer, expand, step up, regard, create, simplify.

John McCain: insist, ensure, reduce, commit to, control, promote, provide, make, expand, make, confront, encourage, reduce, set, ensure, reform, get, empower.

Mike Huckabee: support, advocate, oppose, reform, focus on, use, achieve, set, support, replace, give, make, expand, test, provide, pay, set, revise.

So, what does this all mean?

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