Monday, March 3, 2008

Two Presidents Visit Baghdad: One Openly, One Stealth

EngineerofKnowledge, a regular visitor to this blog, sent me this in an email:

The post on Sunday, “Three headlines Prove the Impotency of the Bush Administration,” inspired these thoughts. I think of the beginning of the war with Bush saying, “We will be welcomed as liberators” like the American troops would have laurel reefs laid at their feet as they march into Baghdad. Now, he has to fly in and out of Iraq for a photo shoot without even notifying the President of Iraq that he is going to do it. The risk of him being shot in Iraq when he is there would be way too high. Now Ahmadinejad goes into Iraq leading a parade and is welcomed as the alliance to purge the U.S. out of Iraq. No Problem!!

I know that in the beginning stages of the invasion, John Nash’s “Game Theory” was done and no matter how the variables were applied, all of the outcomes were that Iran ended up with all of the political influence through religion in Iraq. This administration knew this going in from the start. This latest example is nothing more than proof to that fact.


All bluster and little substance might paraphrase these thoughts; this is the George Bush we have come to know over the last 7 years. There seems to be very little 'stuff' inside this man- a rather hollow and cavalier folksy guy who never grew out of his adolescent stage of life. It has been like watching a B-movie unfold, filled with poor acting and clichés with a very thin plot line.

I'm truly reminded of my own adolescent years [ugh!] when I watch and listen to George Bush. Thankfully I moved to manhood so that I would not embarrass my family any further. George Bush, on the other hand, embarrasses us on a daily basis.

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