Saturday, March 8, 2008

Where's the Outrage?

Biggest workforce reduction in 5 years leaves 63,000 out of work; recession fears rise. Oil prices at $105 a barrel, $3.30 at the pump. Mortgage melt-down. Foreclosures at all-time high. House values drop for first time in 50 years. Food, energy prices rise. Medical costs, medical insurance rates up. DOW drops 370 points in 2 days. Dollar drops to 64¢ against Euro. Bridges, highways in disrepair across the nation. War drags on to 5th year.

Were this any other time but the present, the citizens would be outraged, demonstrating in the streets, organizing, planning an over-throw of the government. But no.

People are inside, over-eating, watching movies and playing video games

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