Saturday, August 9, 2008

Does the McCain Team Pay the Toledo Blade?

Sure enough and right on schedule, The Blade posts the anti-Obama op ed written by the anemic Jack Kelly each Saturday. The Blade cuts its Letters to the Editor section in half in order to give space to the anti-Democrat column of Kelly.

Today the GOP hack penned one titled, Obama's energy plan nonsense. Before I read it I knew what Kelley's 'solution' to the energy crisis would be: more drilling. Gee, who would have imagined that? [wink, wink]

Kelly takes the side of the obese oil companies and says, "Punitive taxation of oil producers seems a peculiar way to encourage them to produce more oil." Actually Obama isn't too interested in more oil at all, but this fact apparently goes right by the author.

Kelly makes this statement:

Remember how he hooted at suspending federal gas taxes as a primary-season stunt"? the San Francisco Chronicle's editors asked. "Now he wants $1,000 rebate checks mailed out to families, paid by a windfall profits tax on the oil industry that was tried and dumped in the 1980s."

Oh really? So Mr. Kelly thinks the suspension of the federal gas tax was a good idea? I have yet to hear an economist tout that plan as anything more than a gimmick. Kelly apparently is into gimmicks as a solution to the energy problem. Figures.

Kelly finishes his weekly anti-Obama tirade by dissing the other part of the Obama plan: plug-in hybrid vehicles. What does he offer as proof of that as a fallacy? He says:

"No current plug-in hybrid gets better than 69 mpg. It will take more than the wagging of Mr. Obama's tongue to more than double that within six years."

Really? Apparently Kelly is also an amateur photovoltaics engineer too boot. No chance to do that, eh Mr. Kelly? So, American engineers are incapable of upgrading the electric car in the next six years? The fool. Apparently Kelly also hasn't been keeping up with the latest trends such as the German-made Loremo that gets 100 mpg. Yes, it's a gasoline auto. Apparently Mr. Kelly is way too busy reading his right-wing conservative papers to understand that engineering has moved beyond the Jeep or the Studebaker.

The Toledo Blade and the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette become laughable media fools when they feature columnists like Jack Kelly who are nothing more than GOP pimps masquerading as journalists.

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