Sunday, August 3, 2008

Obama Cynical?

The following is a quote from Tucker Bounds, a
McCain campaign spokesman:

"The only cynical' candidate in this election
is Barack Obama for his continued opposition
to John McCain's comprehensive energy plan
that includes additional oil drilling, gas
tax relief and affordable nuclear energy."

If this is McCain's energy plan then this
country is headed to the poor house. I
believe oil companies have something like
70 million off shore acres to drill on
right now, yesterday. The Bush Administration's
own Energy Department says it would take about
seven years to get the first drop of oil.
The gas tax relief is the old idea of Hilliary's
during the campaign that was debunked. Under
McCain it is simply playing to people's fears
and amount to what, about a $35 one time saving?
And, to have "affordable nuclear eneryg", what
kool-ade has this man been drinking? Nuclear
is the most expensive form of energy there is.
That's why no utility has offered to build one in
the last 30 years. Let alone, whose backyard are
we going to put the contaminated waste in? Well,
maybe, Iran, after Israel nukes Iran. Ooops, sorry,
now I'm being cynical......

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