Thursday, August 7, 2008

Sam’s Club’ Republicanism

Yes, that is an actual phrase that was uttered by the potential running mate of John McCain, Governor Pawlenty of Minnesota. In fact, he urged the Republican Party to re-energize itself to become Sam's Club Republicans. Not Rockefeller Republicans, not even Regan Republicans, but Sam's Club Republicans. I guess it means China Republicans.

Whoa! China? As in Communist China? Surely this good Republican governor was not suggesting that we outsource the GOP, was he?

He said, “Sam’s Club Republicans feel like they’ve been disenfranchised.”

When asked what the Bush administration had done wrong, Pawlenty stressed that the party had gotten away from a focus on ideas, like the Contract with America.

The Hill reports: “ 'Compassionate conservatism’ has to be about more than a label,” he said. “The idea factory has been less robust than it should have been.”

Specifically, Pawlenty emphasized a new approach to education. He said it is a “near-scandal” that higher education isn’t properly preparing students to be teachers, and he advocated online courses as the cost- and time-efficient education of the future.

Oh, really? Is that what Republicans need to do to restore their once-Great Old Party to the ideals of its past? And just what does 'compassionate conservatism' actually mean? Clearly George W. Bush did not model it even though millions voted for him because he 'declared' himself an advocate of 'compassionate conservatism.'

Clearly the phony 'contract with America' [aka Mafia contract] had little to do with compassion.

Word games- political propaganda- used to cull the less-than sharp American voters. And there are millions of them. Will they fall once again like dead trees in a wind storm? Probably and with it goes the nation. Thud!

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