Friday, August 8, 2008

Many Still Holding Tight to the Turnip Truck

They won't let go. They think that the truck holds the truth and still tightly cling. But the turnips rotted long ago and now it is a putrid, festering pile of garbage. Some of us knew it from the get-go; others learned later. Yet it is curious, at best, to wonder why some still cling.

Although I am not a psychologist, I've been around the block a couple of times. There are lots of people out there, I have learned, who are easily duped; some others that want to be. Take those racial bigots, for example. They are everywhere, every state, every city and every county in America. They 'wouldn't vote for a nigger' if he were the only one running for office. Deep seated prejudice, festering, fed by fear of 'the other.' Folks with limited experiences, fed by 'news' stories to bolster their fears and hatred. Clinging to the turnip truck.

They are looking for any reason [beyond their prejudice] not to vote for a black man. The McCain people dish it out on a daily basis. The latest is that Obama supports Big Oil. Of course, McCain just touted more drilling by Big oil, but that does not stick.

The turnip people liked the false 'he's a Muslim' early-on in the primaries, but now even they mostly have passed on that. Then there was the Pledge of Allegiance flap and the flag pin nonsense. Of course, the Rev. Wright replaced that one quickly, but that doesn't hold much water these days. Michelle Obama's 'unpatriotic' statement lit a fire in their bellies and those embers still smolder. They liked the painting of Obama as an elitist, especially with his Berlin speech yet that too is washing thin.

Every few days the turnip people get their hopes up when they see or read something anti-Obama, but then when it evaporates, as it always does, they are left clinging to prejudice alone. There is no doubt who they will not vote for in November. The only 'doubt' is which falsehood will they use to bely their guilt.

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