Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Florida Next?

The Wall Street Journal has reported some
interesting news concerning the McCain
campaign. Well, it appears as if McCain
has touched the "3rd rail" of U.S. politics.

Douglas Holtz Eakin, McCain's senior policy
adviser, told the WSJ that McCain would pay
for his health initiatives with a $1.3 Trillion
reduction to Medicare and Medicaid. The McCain
"health program would be funded on the backs of
social security recipients which are seniors,
poor families, and the disabled.

It is already known that McCain supports the
privatization of FDR's Social Security program
of the New Deal. With the recent collapse of our
financial markets, where would our seniors be with
a privatized social security in the stock market?
Now, McCain goes after LBJ's Great Society programs
of medicare and medicaid by cutting the Social
Security program $1.3 Trillion.

How will this attack on Social Security be received
in the battle ground state of Florida? Florida is
known for its large senior citizen population and
as the leading retirement State for seniors. If this
report is not like manna falling into the hands of
Obama, hard to say what else would be. Seniors are
jealous of their Social Security pension and Medicare,
and they are voters. McCain has pulled his campaign
out of Michigan earlier, will Forida be next?

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