Friday, October 10, 2008

In The News

World business markets collapsing. Talk of
recession and even depression. GM near
bankruptcy. Should fed. govt. bail out GM?
Our 401k's are losing their value. Where
is our money going? What do McCain and Obama
do? Put their hands in their pockets and
whistle Dixie! McCain says he will spend
another $300B to save mortgages; Obama says
he will spend $150B on a stimulus program.
They just don't get it, do they?

A federal judge in Cleveland has struck down
voter registration of Ohio Secretary of State
Brunner. Says Ohio is breaking federal election
law. So, Democrats were going to be better than
Republicans? Ha! "Not a dimes worth of difference".
One's voter fraud is the other's voter suppression.

Chairman Muller, of the Joint Chiefs says that
Afghanistan is in a spiraling decline. He calls for
an immediate infusion of 23,000 U.S. troops. Even
the British are now saying Afghanistan is "lost".
Both McCain and Obama want to project U.S. power
in that country. What a joke! There's that dime

The delayed National Intelligence Estimate(NIE) is
reported to maintain that Iraq is not pacified as
McCain is portraying. The NIE has been ordered not
to release the past due report until after the
election. Some of the reported main problems are the
same that existed before "the surge", namely, the
dividing up of the oil revenue, the kurds in the North
and the others in the South, the Sunni Shiite split,
and al Sadr's private army. The NIE is suggusting this
will all explode with the U.S. exit.

Have you heard of the "Bradley Effect" in politics?
Bradley was a former black mayor of Los Angeles and ran
for Governor of California back in late '70s or early '80s.
He had a double didgit lead in the polls in the weekend
before the election, but was easily defeated. Will there
be a "Bradley Effect" on Nov. 4? How trustworthy are these
State polls?

Will McCain's attacks on the character of Obama win for him?
As Biden is saying now, why didn't Obama use McCain's "That
One" comment, to look him in the eye, and say "what do you
mean by that?" Wouldn't it be better to just go there and
back him down as his communication director, Gibbs, did with
Sean Hannity?

There is a recent article describing problems for these mega
fundamentalist churches. The criticism is that most of the
attendees are spectators, and not people of faith. People are
not being transformed to be christians, rather the leaders
of these megachurches are not interested in advancing the
christian message. These churches seem to stress the Old
Testament, and not the more liberal teaching of Jesus Christ.

These are some of the headlines in news today. Thought
this might generate some discussion.

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