Saturday, October 11, 2008

News Report

AIG receives $120 Billion in the last 20 days,
but our two major parties, the "Republicrats",
couldn't find $7 Billion to insure children.
What is it that is said about a country who
can not take care of its most vulnerable?

The rest of the story on Governor Palin and the
"troopergate" report is a mixed bag. The
investigator and the author of the report states
that Palin's firing of the Alaska Public Safety
Commissioner, for his non-firing of Palin's
former brother-in-law, is a "proper and lawful
exercise" of the Governor's authority. These
last words will be McCain's answer.

State and local budgets across the U.S. are having
to be cut back because of the financial and credit
crisis. Fiscal budgets were based on expected
state and local tax collections, but revenues are
now much lower than budgeted for. Governors and
local administrators will be paring back all their
agenices spending. California is already on record
for asking the Federal Governement for $7 Billion.
Just think the real crisis hasn't hit yet; it has
not "trickled down" to the job sector. The "trickle
down" economic theory is interesting, isn't it.
Give hugh tax cuts to the wealthy, and that money
will "trickle down" to the lower classes, rising water
raises all ships. Nice economic theory but not too
practical. On the otherhand, bad economic times
"trickle down" all the way to the bottom and the
ships are stranded. Makes me wonder why local jobs can
not be locally developed. Why is it necessary to
bring in a GM, a Ford, a Nissan to make jobs, and then
when they sneeze, all the U.S. catches a cold and
left with no job and no money? Does it have to be that

In Troy, NY, just across the river from Albany, the
absentee ballot lists Barack Obama as Barack "Osama".
A typing error, human error. LOL, sure thing...Is it
an error when everyone associates the name "Osama"
with the al Qaeda terrorist group?

Why is Obama now avoiding the press? How now can Palin
be questioned about avoiding the press, with Obama
doing the same? More importantly, is this a signal
of what is to come, if Obama wins the presidency? Will
he avoid the WH press core?

Connecticut has now become the third State to legalize
marriage of gay and lesbian couples. This is not a
civil union. Another State "lost" to the anti-gay/
lesbian fundamentalist groups. Where will all their
rage take us?

McCain flip-flops again. This time he has changed his
course from openly questioning Obama's character to
almost praising Obama. Until Friday of this week,
McCain's line was "Who is Barack Obama?" On Friday,
however, after personally hearing the venom which his
and Palin's comments had fomented, he called for
ending the rage. After insighting it, is that possible?
From the reaction of the crowds rage at suggesting it,
this genie might not be possible to put back in the
Atwater-Rovian bottle of nasty tricks. McCain was booed
and jeered for telling his campaign crowds on Friday
that Obama was 'a decent family man and citizen."
In addition, he said that "I admire Senator Obama and
his accompishments." Wonder who or what caused this
change in McCain? The secret service? His conscience?
Maybe McCain saw what these crowds represented, not
his real conservative values, but far right, bigoted,
religious fundamentalists and reactionaries sounds
of rage? So, this is the neoconservative theological
Republican base?

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