Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The John Pimping Pathetic Burlesque Queen Palin

"Palling around with terrorists!" Isn't she a hoot? Poor Sarah- John McCain all but forgot about her last evening: never mentioned her name. She's the nasty vagina he is using to pep up his right-wing, Christian base. Does she know that she's being pimped by The John? And does she love the intercourse she's engaged in?

Like a hooker without a leash, Sarah Palin parades her body on stage like a burlesque queen, drooping filthy talk to the gawking audience. She seems to enjoy it savoring each off-color remark flowing from her mouth. Makes me wonder if she's reliving some forbidden, vicarious lifestyle, some dark passion to prostitute herself for The John.

Red state America loves her and can't seem to get enough of her potty mouth and her tight skirts. The former beauty queen from Wasilla has finally reached the big time. She struts her stuff and does her thing for The John. Pimping Palin- burlesque queen and part-time hooker.

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