Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Cuban Cigar Anyone?

Ah, the aroma of a fresh Cuban cigar!  Of course, if you possess one you could be jailed.  Communism, you know, as well as the Batista Cuban lobby in Miami. Oh, those Batistias, still angry about the Castro coup back in the 50's. Their 'good life' was interrupted, their mansions confiscated. Such an insult!

Obama has said he supports easing travel to the island and cash remittances from relatives working in the United States to loved ones in Cuba, but has resisted calls to lift the entire decades-old US embargo.

The budget bill would block enforcement of rules that keep Cuban-Americans from visiting their homeland more than once every three years, allowing them to visit once per year instead.

Sadly, nothing about the sugar, rum and cigar embargo yet. We have to keep 'punishing' Cuba, you know, for their communist government. Some punishment for the Cubans, eh?

Of course, on the Internet, Cigar One can sell them to you- through Switzerland. Yes, a Swiss/Cuban cigar sent right to your mailbox, all nice and legal. Those Swiss sure know how to make the money.

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