Saturday, March 14, 2009

White Male Privilege gets Senator in Trouble, Again

It's Louisiana Senator David Vitter again. Who doesn't remember that awful scene when he and his poor wife stood before the cameras while he pleaded 'regret' for using the services of DC Madame? Mrs. Vitter stared away from the cameras during his confession. Brings to mind Mrs. Craig and the men's room.

Apparently the white male privilege meme is over-active in Vitter, The TSA is investigating an incident at Dulles international Airport, reported by a gate attendant who reported that the door to the boarding bridge was already closed, but Vitter opened it anyway, triggering an alarm. The paper said an airline worker warned him not to enter the walkway, which led to a "tirade" by Vitter who "remained defiant." The senator left the area before airport police arrived.

Louisiana is becoming the southern version of Illinois. I suppose anybody arrogant enough to think that people elected them to office because they 'deserved to be elected' easily form an attitude of arrogance which, in white men, distorts their natural white male privilege way out of proportion.

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