Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Southern Legislators Hate the Government, Love the Aid

Senators Shelby, DeMint, Burr, Graham, Wicker and Governors Jindal and Sanford whine about 'big government' taking over our lives. Some have even called the current administration, 'socialist.' Even though they themselves are 'government,' they think that government in general is a bad idea. That's why, in an earlier post, I used the term GOP anarchists.

But wait! Like those TV infomercials, there's more! Hypocrisy abounds when Republicans speak. Guess which part of our nation receives more Federal dollars than they send to Washington. You got it- the South. In fact, Mississippi gets a 2 for 1 deal- two Federal dollars for every dollar it sends to DC. Jindal's state, Louisiana,  gets $1.85 for each $1 it sends to Washington. Alabama, Shelby's state, gets $1.63. Those whiners from South Carolina get 33% more than they send away. Damned Federal government!

Up North, where seldom is heard a discouraging word, the blue states get screwed! Michigan gets only 73¢ for each dollar it sends to Washington; New Jersey receives 65¢ and Connecticut 73¢. Illinois, Obama's state receives 78 cents. Why no bitching? I guess that, perhaps, the folks living there have a more generous spirit- a more Christian giving mind set.

Whiners drive me nuts! Especially two-faced whiners. It's time to grow up, Richard Shelby, and stop playing political games with the U.S. Treasury where MY tax dollars sit.

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