Tuesday, March 10, 2009

White Picket Fence Fantasies

Leonard Pitts of the Chicago Tribune penned a piece today he called, Memo to the GOP: Say You're Sorry.  Of course, today's Republicans never do; their arrogant righteousness precludes them from doing so. Have you noticed?

White Picket Fence Fantasies appears towards the end of his essay, shortly after this plum:

As many pundits and even party officials have noted, given the dramatic cultural and demographic changes under way in this country, the GOP faces a real possibility of being reduced to a regional party of limited national relevance unless it broadens its appeal beyond angry white men living primarily in the states of the old Confederacy.

Angry white men in the old Confederacy.  Still fighting 'the war,' you know, the War of Northern Aggression.  Just why DID the North attack Fort Sumner anyway?

The white picket fence fanticies- I'm getting to that, but you've probably already figured it out.  Mr. Pitts says, 

"The GOP has reliably been able to woo them [extreme social conservatives] by demonizing gays, people of color, Muslims, feminists and anyone else who did not fit their white picket fence fantasies."

Ah, the white picket fence of the 1940's when 'those' people knew their place in our society. The good old days of America. Seems like these old white guys would rather turn the clock backward so that they could be more relevant than they now are, you know- when white men ruled.

Change scares the hell out of them. Sort of like a touch of Asperger's or autism. The Rainman. The white picket fence. It was all so easy then.

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