Thursday, March 26, 2009

It's the Tax Increase, Stupid!

An elephant still sits grandly in the House Rotunda and another in the Senate Chamber. They have been there for the past 8 years yet nobody seems to notice them.  It's like they don't see them- the elephants.On the side of each is tattooed the 2-word message, 'Raise Taxes!'

Rather than looking at these monstrous beasts, legislators pass by, as if they didn't see them, and head to the chambers to wring their hands and begin their rants on slicing the budget and eliminating porcine programs. The thought of the message emblazoned on those pachyderms never enters their minds. After all, the next election is coming up.
Sacrifice is taboo. Americans never enjoy 'sacrifice.' It is not something that we have been accustomed to. Narcissism gets in the way. Me, my, mine! I want. I deserve.

Raise my taxes? Are you crazy? Socialist! Not me, NIMBY!

I recall the 'war days' that my parents discussed shortly after WWII ended. Those victory gardens, the tin can collection. Bald tires, rationing, War Bonds, gasoline stamps. Rosie the Riveter.

Sacrifice. Civilian cooperation. Working together. The Common Welfare.

Concepts evaporated, no longer a part of our common consciousness. Values for the trash.

Gimme! I want. Just like the 2-year-old child or the adolescent teen.

Where are the mature adults these days? Where is the wisdom? Who asks for sacrifice these days?

George Bush waged two wars and cut taxes four times. The lunacy is astounding. Now, as we reap the results of that ignorance, we want everything to just like it was. LaLaLand mentality.

When are the wise adults going to lead this nation in the right direction?

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