Thursday, March 26, 2009

To Promote the General Welfare

Welfare is a key hot-button word commonly bantied around by those who dwell in the murky caves of the far-right. Often is accompanied by 'queens' to denote urban black women with too many children. They know what's best for America, you know. They fly the flag. Very patriotic.

There was a time, not so long ago, when these welfare queens were 'ruining' America. Didn't you hear it on the radio? If one issue were to collapse America altogether, it was these people, those people. That one! Moral decadence coupled with tax-payer dollars flushed down the toilet by 'these' women. Each kid has a different father, don't you know.

Yes, that $825 monthly check and that book of Food Stamps brought us to the brink of both moral and economic decay here in America. Send them all back to Africa!

Hey! And what about those wetbacks? Damned illegal immigrants sneaking across the border taking good American jobs. Can't even speak English, but sure love our money! And we're paying for their hospital visits and all of those brown kids in our schools! Where the hell is the Border Patrol? Damned illegal immigrants!

Is it no wonder that our nation finds itself in the economic and moral mess these days? What's happened to this nation? Remember how great America was back in the 50's? Those damned hippies started the downfall in the 60's and those stupid civil rights laws and that communist agitator King! Civil rights? What about MY rights? Nobody cares about MY rights!

Yep, this mess that we find ourselves in today goes right back to the damned hippies, communist agitators, welfare queens and illegal immigrants from Mexico. That's were we went wrong. Damned LIBruls, socialist, God-less people ruining my life.

Is Rush on yet?

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