Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Plan B- The Nightmare

Many GOP senators and pundits are ranting to their base these days about the 'trillions of dollars' that the Obama team is 'throwing' at Wall Street banks in an attempt to get them lending.  Goofy red-state senators Shelby and Imhof give daily rants of how all of this stimulus money is 'ruining America.'  Funny how stoic they were for the past 8 years when the ruining of America was in full swing.

Thomas Friedman, author of Hot Flat and Crowded and NYT columnist, mentioned PLAN B on MSNBC this morning.  Host Joe Scarborough, ex-GOP congressman, had been doing his usual shtick about too much Federal intervention, when Friedman asked, "So, what is PLAN B?"   "Plan B?"  "Yes, if the present infusion of Federal dollars into the banking system doesn't work, then we'll have to go to Plan B and I don't think that too many people want to go there."

Senators Shelby, Imhof, and other deep red-state senators crow quite a lot these days but they, apparently, are ignorant of Plan B.  Did I say, 'apparently?'  Actually, turning the tables on the right-wingers, I'd say that these guys are 'un-American' and 'working against this nation, hoping that it fails!'  Classic right-wing rhetoric.  'The hate-America crowd!'

Plan B, as Friedman noted, is the nationalization of the major banks of America.  Scary stuff. 

So, SHUT UP! you ignorant right-wingnut senators.  Try loving America for a change!!

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