Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Last Supper- Who Knew?

DaVinci knew something.  But that is not my question.  Rather, I wonder just how many at the table referred to as the Last Supper knew what Jesus knew- that this would be their last supper together?  Their last passover Seder as a team?

Thirteen men [or 12 and one woman] at table celebrating the customary Seder meal on the eve of Passover and one, at least, knew what was next.  Possibly two.

After their wine-filled dinner, the Gospels report that they went out to the garden and that the drunken apostles fell asleep, stomachs full, alcohol aiding their slumber.  Yet there were only 11 at that time as 'the one who would betray' Jesus had not fallen asleep.  He had 'gone to the authorities' to alert them to where Jesus was spending the Seder.

Eleven others not in on the plan.  Eleven men travelling with, eating with, sleeping with the master had not a clue that Jesus and Judas had a plan that would 'end' in arrest and the rest.  Of course, the master led them on into believing that this was a insurrection movement, a civil battle between the Jewish people and their captors, the Romans.

Did Judas think the same?  Was he selected to 'do the job' thinking that he was, in some mysterious way, helping to foil the Romans- that this would be the beginning of the insurrection, the revolt against Roman rule?  Of course we will never know that. Clearly the other 11 hadn't gotten even that far in their assumption as what the end-game plan was.

Three years, 1000 days and nights together, 24/7 and they had not a clue the goal of their mission together.  Were they dim?  Did Jesus purposely mislead them, dupe them?  Did any of them ask, throughout those 1000 days, "Master, what is our plan?"  Did they ever ask, "Master, when can we go home and rejoin our wivers and family?"

It was an odd night, curious as well.  Why were they in the dark 'on this special night?'

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