Friday, April 10, 2009

Pittsburgh police shooting suspect may have been white supremacist

CNN) -- "Braced for Fate" believes that Jews control American media, financial institutions and government and that federal authorities plan to confiscate guns owned lawfully by American citizens. Those chilling beliefs are revealed in posts on a white supremacist Web site that the Anti-Defamation League says were made by Richard Poplawski, the man who allegedly ambushed and killed three Pittsburgh police officers last week.

The organization, which tracks anti-Semitic activity, says Poplawski posted on the Web site first under the username "Rich P" and more recently under the ominous username "Braced for Fate."

In one post, "Braced for Fate" describes the eagle tattoo he sports in a photograph taken from Poplawski's MySpace page before the page was taken down, calling it a "deliberately Americanized version of the [Nazi] Iron Eagle.


Just one more nut case whose head was loaded with idiotic nonsense and whose trigger finger acted out his madness.

A friend said of Poplawski, "He didn't like the control of the guns that was about to happen. He believed everything our forefathers put before us and thought that it was being distorted."

I wonder where he got that idea? Was Poplawski a frequent listener to talk radio? Did he act out the fantasies that Glen Beck and other right-wing talking heads ranted about? Did he believe, as Beck argued, that he was 'taking back America' from its enemies?

In one of Poplawski's posts to the website he wrote, "If a total collapse is what it takes to wake our brethren and guarantee future generations of white children walk this continent, if that is what it takes to restore our freedoms and recapture our land: Let it begin this very second and not a moment later."

'Restore our freedoms,' he said. Does that phrase sound at all familiar? We have to restore our freedoms- freedoms such as? It really doesn't matter to the propagandists on right-wing radio. Beck, Hannity and Limbaugh merely drop the phrases and let the nut cases decide on how to 'deal' with it.

Regarding his weapon: In another post, answering a question about what weapon he'd like to have if he were allowed only one, he said, "I guess I'd have to say my AK. Which is nice because it doesn't have to fall from the sky -- it's in a case within arms reach."

Nearby, his AK-47, the equalizer. His personal 'revolution' will be carried out with his AK-47, not barricades in the streets, not protest signs on street corners, not letters to the editor. No, that is way-too American. He'd rather 'protest' with 100 bullets into police officers.

All-American guy, Richard Poplawski, fighting for 'freedoms' and 'taking back America,' single handedly with his AK-47.

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