Thursday, April 9, 2009

Sociopathic Gun-Nuts Loose in America

The Kirk editorial cartoon in today's Blade drives home the problem that we here 'at home' are facing on a daily basis: "U.S. Gun Massacre of the Day."

Today we read the funeral plans for the three officers slain by a psychotic sociopath who believed the right-wing chant that 'Obama wanted to take his guns away.'
How many hundreds or thousands others like him are out there, armed to the teeth, unhappy with their lives, listening to the constant chatter from right-wing radio, urging them 'into action to take back America!'

Take back America? From whom? Who has 'taken' America? Who are the traitors, those engaged in espionage?
It really doesn't matter, in the mind of the psychotic, 'who' they are. The sociopath 'knows' who 'they' are; he's been upset with 'them' for a long time. All he needs is some encouragement- someone in authority to give them the permission to do it. Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Michael Savage and Glen Beck rant and rage 24/7 that America is going to hell and the socialists-communists have taken the country hostage.

Enter the sociopath with his AK-47. Rambo will free his country from these anti-American, freedom-hating people. All he needs in encouragement and permission.

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