Monday, April 6, 2009

Obama Praises Non-Fundamentalist Turkey

"I'm trying to make a statement about the importance of Turkey, not just to the United States but to the world," Obama said at a joint news conference Monday with Turkish President Abdullah Gul."This is a country that has been often said lies at the crossroads between East and West. It's a country that possesses an extraordinarily rich heritage but also represents a blend of those ancient traditions with a modern nation state that respects democracy, respects rule of law and is striving toward a modern economy."Obama said Monday that the United States and Turkey can send a powerful message to the world through their friendship.

That's non-fundamentalist Muslim Turkey. Ninety-nine percent Sunni Muslim yet Turkey has a secular constitution, with no official state religion. What a difference it makes to a nation when there is a secular constitution and there is a strict separation of church/mosque and state.

We see the mess that is now Iraq after the 'crusade' by George W. Bush to remove the Sunni leader, Hussein, who permitted a similar tolerance for religion in his dictatorship. So much for bring'n democracy [and tolerance] to Iraq. The Shi'as are clamping down on all aspects of Iraqi society and culture. Fundamentalists hate democracies.

Stupidity nets stupidity. Thankfully, we have Obama at the helm to save us from more blatant ignorance.

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