Sunday, May 31, 2009

Our Country Deserves Better

"Our Country Deserves Better" is much more than a trite shibboleth- it is a newly formed political action committee. Nice name, great idea and surely a concept at which few would find fault. Politicians have always been a motley crew, a dicey junta who purport to do good but who, all too often, end up doing what's best for their reelection campaign treasure chest.

Enter this new political PAC with a hopeful name. But wait! There is already one problem- it is a Republican PAC. Nothing wrong with a group of Republicans wanting to fumigate Congress except [and pathetically] they want to focus their fumigation hoses exclusively on Democrats.

Yes, its the dastardly Democrats who deserve extermination while the same class of Republicans will receive donations to their election war chests. goes politics in America.

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