Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Resurrection Of The Christ Within You

Book: The Second Coming Of Christ: The Resurrection Of The Christ Within You, A Revelatory Commentary On The Original Teachings Of Jesus.

Here is a critique of the work:

"The Second Coming of Christ" takes the reader on a revelatory journey through the four Gospels, verse by verse, into the real meaning of Jesus' long misunderstood teachings.

The most eagerly awaited book from Paramahansa Yogananda in over 50 years,'The Second Coming of Christ' takes the reader on a revelatory journey through the four Gospels, verse by verse, into the real meaning of Jesus long misunderstood teachings. Dispelling centuries old misconceptions and dogma, this monumental work is destined to leave an indelible mark on the way the world views the teachings of Jesus Christ.


I was toying with an alternate title of this post, something like:  The Dozen Dullards of Jesus, or, The 12 Cretins of Christ.  They were an ignorant lot, weren't they? Only Judas seemed to have 'a clue' about what the gig was all about- and he was demonized for it.

Today, some 2000 years later, there still are Cretins of Christ all around us, even living in our neighborhoods!  They, like the 12, cannot comprehend the real message that Jesus of Nazareth spent his last three years trying to communicate:  the "Resurrection" is within you. 

He said it.  Several times.  

Paramahansa Yogananda, as his name indicates, is from India. He believes that Jesus visited India in those 'hidden years' between age 12 and thirty. Surely he also visited Egypt- beyond his cameo appearance as a child. To which other places he traveled is only conjecture but, clearly to those who 'see,' his spiritual sense was most certainly broader than that available to the residents of Galilee.

Here's the conundrum, though.  Why on earth did he pick those twelve dullards as companions along the journey?  They were as dumb as dirt.  They never 'got it.'  They had no clue what Jesus was talking about.  

My newly formed hypothesis is that Jesus used them as thugs- for self-defense- body guards. 

Radical idea?

If so, then, why were the dimwits 'chosen' by Jesus.  He spent three years, 24/7 with them, 1000 days and nights and look what they 'learned' during their close encounter with 'the master.'

Nada. Zero. They failed the 'proficiency test' miserably.

Body guards.  Think about it.

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