Saturday, June 6, 2009

Christian Pastor Offended by Prop 8

Rev. Art Cribbs, pastor of a Protestant denomination in California, recently came out on the side of the legal challenge to Proposition 8, which is supported by hundreds of religious organizations, civil rights groups, and labor unions, along with numerous California municipal governments, bar associations, and leading legal scholars, who have collectively urged the California Supreme Court to strike down Proposition 8.

Pastor Cribbs stated:

“As an African-American pastor with the United Church of Christ in San Marino, I am particularly troubled by Prop. 8’s impact on people who are hurt by its passage. I am reminded of the struggles black communities have faced and continue to face in this country. I am reminded of the damage a majority can and has sometimes inflicted against groups in the past. And I am reminded of the need we all have for equal protection under the law.”

The complete statement is available here

Surely those who follow this blog would not be surprised to learn that certain fundamentalist christians have their panties all in a knot over Prop 8. These bigots decry homosexuality as against bible teaching. They are, of course, a sorry lot, who attempt to rest their own personal fears of something outside of their comfort zone by condemning an entire group of people. They use old testament bible passages as shields to protect themselves from accepting that reality that people of the same sex can love one another. Like voodoo, they chant biblical phrases hoping that the incantations will stop the reality before them. They never want change; the past is always better than the present.

Sadly, these bigots also implicate Jesus and drag his name into their skewed fantasies, as if Jesus would condemn a loving couple. Hell, he wouldn't even condemn prostitutes or Samaritan women. Nonetheless, these faux christians pimp Jesus by suggesting that He would be as bigoted and narrow-minded as they are.

So goes life in the odd world of the fundamentalist christians.

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