Friday, August 7, 2009

Drifting Flotsam on Display

Did you hear about the recent ship wreck? Well, you knew it was inevitable with all of the leaks, patches and cracks in the hull. Just how long can you expect a tired, old vessel like that to stay afloat? Apparently the captain never saw the film, Titanic.

The flotsam washed up along with a few hysteric passengers who clung to driftwood and other debris. Hysteria is an awful condition. Delusions, random, unconnected thoughts, screaming, incoherent speech.

They showed up recently, this knot of jettisoned flotsam, at townhall meetings; did you see them on TV? Still in hysteria, still displaying irrational behavior and random thought-patterns, they yelled and interrupted the meeting with wild and crazy psycho-talk!

How will the mental health workers cope with them? Sedatives? Straight-jackets? Rubber rooms? Something has to be done and fast, otherwise, if they get loose, they will pose a great danger to society.

And where is the hulk of that ship- the USS GOP? Has the salvage crew reached it yet? Should they just sink it to the bottom of the sea and let it rust itself into nothingness? That, I think, would be the kindest solution to it all.

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