Sunday, August 2, 2009

GOP Health Care: Just Say No to Germs!

Recall that carefully crafted and innovative anti-drug campaign launched by Nancy Reagan? The drug-woes of America could be easily solved by just saying 'No!' to drugs. The GOP likes simplicity. Is there data on the effectiveness of Mrs. Reagan's plan?

Today's GOP has taken a page from the Reagan playbook: just say 'No!' to germs. Simplistic. If we just think positive thoughts, we will not only be happy but healthy, too boot! Simple minds, simple ideas.

Yesterday the poster guy for man-tan, John 'boner' Boehner was interviewed by Wolf Blitzer. He kept it all simple, too. When asked by Blitzer what his opposition to the current Obama proposal was, Boehner said stone-faced, "It has 1,122 pages."

A bit taken back, Blitzer querried further but Boehner replied, "And it has 502 'whereases.'

Blitzer blinked, expecting more. Boehner, in marionette-style, face frozen in an expressionless fashion, blinked back, then unrolled the usual talking points like 'big government' and 'bureaucracy.'

I concluded, perhaps foolishly, that the GOP has in fact adopted the Nancy Reagan mind-set: just say NO to germs!

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