Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Right-wing is in Serious Depression

The love-to-blame sector of the GOP is in serious depression lately as can be seen in their babbling rants. They went over the cliff yesterday as their TV sets displayed Bill Clinton and Al Gore as super heroes all day long. I wonder, tangentially, if there was an uptick in spousal abuse yesterday.

There they were, as big as life. Bill Clinton, smiling, waving and enjoying the moment, loving the publicity. Al Gore, welcoming back the journalists from his network. Then there were the clips from Obama and Hillary Clinton.

It was a right-wing nightmare!

In fact, it triggered the moron-blather section of their brains. All of their pent-up fear mongering idiocy was on display from Pat Buchanan to neocon John Bolton. No doubt FoxNews was red hot all day long with pundit after pundit decrying some fabricated 'hostage deal.'

One of my regular right-wing visitors posted the same nonsense he listened to; their brains are sponges.

It must be an awful time to be on the right-wing of the political spectrum these days. The 'good old Bush days' are history, but the nation, unfortunately, revisits that nightmare every day.

Real, strong men are now in charge of this nation and the right-wing doesn't know how to deal with it. So they bluster, rant, rave and make up crap. Just like adolescent teens.

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