Monday, October 5, 2009

Bitch Dog Territorial Marking

I understand that dogs like to 'mark' their territory with urine and feces droppings. I suppose it is a throw-back to their primitive state eons ago.

The Humane Society says this about dog marking: "Some dogs go to the extreme of urinating and defecating to mark a particular area as their own."

I wonder about people, too. Is there, for example, a 'territory' or a 'subject area' that needs to be claimed by some people in order that they feel better or can function more properly?

This thought popped into my head this morning about 7:30 as I looked at the blog's 'comment monitoring' log. It seems that the posting by Mike titled, 'Where have all of the Christians gone?' has irritated a certain bladder, so to speak. And bowel! Apparently the 6 comments on that thread did not give the 'real' answer, the 'holier-than-thou' input that was required.

We 'Men with the Muckrake' are so very fortunate to have an auxiliary 'member' who serves as our expert in all things religious; a religious editor, so to speak. Every once in a while [fortunately] she drops by to urinate and defecate a little morsel for us to inspect. Sadly, the bitch dog has chronic diarrhea and therefore one comment is never enough. This morning there were three. What does one give a dog for irritable bowel disorder?

I never read the comments, but rather just 'trash' them so that the entire blog will not smell of that certain odor, you know. Ever vigilant of each 'agnostic' and 'atheistic' post on this blog, she surely must be frustrated that her turd, her pile of crap never sees the light of day. Yet, she is undaunted in her missionary work because, surely, she is doing the will of god. I believe the Catholic Church of old coined a phrase for that type of effort- potential grace.

Some dear nun assured us, one afternoon as we struggled to keep our eyes open, that if you had the intent to do good or to obey a church law, but you were foiled in that attempt, you received 'potential grace,' a kind of 'atta-boy!' pat on the shoulder for the effort. Perhaps even one of those very special and endearing holy cards that sister passed out to the good boys and girls.

So, to our religion editor in absentia, don't fret that your triple chunk of religious wisdom entered the abyss of cyber trash in vane. You received god's grace- potential grace- for your ever-so righteous actions. And, here's a Holy Card that you can stick in Leviticus, your favorite book of the Bible, for your effort.

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