Friday, October 9, 2009

The Peace Prize- One More Log on Obama's Pire

One can only imagine the anger, the curdled words flowing off of the tongues of the right-wing gas bags today as they address their audiences. Recall that just a few days ago they were all agog, tickled pink that the United States did not get the Olympics. Chicago, you know. Now, they have a very different scenario to spin, more hate for President Obama. 'Why Obama?' will surely be the opening salvo heard blaring form the radios all across right-wing America today. 'What has HE done?' question two. Stoke the fires, add more logs. Soon there will be a grand bonfire into which they may toss the President, vicariously. Many, I believe, would prefer an actual conflagration.

You do have to admit that 'they' provide a humorous undertone to our society. Really, if one acknowledges the fact that hucksters like Limbaugh, Hannity and Beck are just hucksters, carnival barkers who make their living off of this stuff, then, like the circus, it becomes pure entertainment for the more proficient audience. But sadly, there are those also sitting in this 'circus' who think all of it is real, like wide-eyed children.

Food for the animals, scraps for the peons, hungry for anything that will perpetuate their fantasy- it is all there at the right-wing circus. "Step right up, ladies and gentlemen..."

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