Friday, October 9, 2009

The Rev. Needs a History Lesson

She signed her Letter to the Editor of the Toledo Blade, Rev. Carolyn Eyre. I suppose she earned that title somewhere, some time, but that does not imply any deep understanding of either the U.S. Constitution or American history. Those 'church' people like to imagine stuff, like angels, raised dead bodies, and a place, just above the cloud layer, called heaven. They like to imagine that our America government ought to include that stuff, too.

The Reverend writes,

Members of the Ohio House who voted in favor of H.B. 176 voted to deny one of our most basic constitutional guarantees: The freedom of religious expression.

The behaviors associated with certain "sexual orientation" are contrary to our religious convictions. The Ohio and the U.S. constitutions guarantee our freedom to make decisions based on such deeply held convictions. Further, courts have established criteria that groups of persons must meet to qualify as a protected class under civil rights laws. Those who self-identify by their "gender identity" do not meet those criteria.

I would suggest we remember this as the 2010 election approaches and vote for candidates who respect our beliefs and retain those who uphold our constitutional rights.

Rev. Carolyn Eyre

I believe that she is confused, as her essay displays, over the separation of church and state and ignorant of the guarantee of equal rights to all U.S. citizens. An obvious bigoted homophobe, the Reverend curiously wants to deny gays and lesbians Constitutional rights because of some ancient writings in that dusty journal kept by the wandering Jews. It seems that, in writing this letter, Rev. Eyre is positioning herself for another run at public office, something that she continues to do election after election. Clearly, she has established herself as the 'choice' candidate among the evangelical fundamentalists of Toledo. Luckily for us, few other voters see her as a viable candidate for anything higher than dog catcher.

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