Wednesday, October 7, 2009

FOX News Poll: 61% Say Use Force To Stop Iran

FoxNews Poll:

Most Americans say they are worried about Iran developing a nuclear weapons program, and think President Obama should be tougher on the rogue nation. In addition, a clear majority supports the use of force to prevent Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons.

According to a new FOX News poll released Thursday, a sizable 69 percent majority of Americans thinks President Obama has not been tough enough on Iran. That includes over half of Democrats (55 percent), two-thirds of independents (67 percent) and almost all Republicans (88 percent).


Can you imagine that 61% of Americans want to use 'force' against Iran? Of course, it was a FoxNews poll, yet the result is astonishing to me, absolutely mind-numbing! Have we as a nation truly become the warmongering police of the world? Do that number of American citizens understand what an attack on Iran would mean? A third theater of war? Even more military men and women coming home in body bags. Billions upon billions more tax dollars? Three wars with Muslim nations?

Didn't the faux Iraq war teach any lesson? Are we still dumbed-down? Are the residual effects of the propaganda put out by the Pentagon and the White House still affecting the brains of many Americans? This is an amazing phenomenon.

Further, I worry about such an attack on Iran from Israel; when that happens, how will the American citizens respond? Will there be a wide-spread call here in America to join 'our friends' the Israelis in the war? Will the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) beat the drums of war here? Will Americans once again be blinded by so-called patriotic fervor, wave flags, demonstrate in the streets, and call on President Obama to join with Israel in the attack? After all, we are a knee-jerk nation.

Today, incidentally, is the 8th anniversary of the War on Afghanistan. We all can see how well that war is going.

Sixty-one percent. Astounding!

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