Friday, October 9, 2009

Curious Card in the Mail Today

I received this card in the mail today; it had no return address. When I opened it, I wondered if it was from an evangelical, a fundamentalist attempting to set me straight with the Lord. They always seem to know what's best for other people, you know. But then I realized that I don't actually know any evangelical fundamentalists and knew it must be a gag.

Upon opening it, it reads, "So you might as well enjoy them!"

I suppose this raises the prospect of some long theological discussion on whether one's 'sins' have been already wiped clean before one 'commits' them or not and, part two, whether the enjoyment of said pre-forgiven 'sin' compounds the 'sin' problem and erases the automatic forgiveness there of. Deep stuff.

But as I turned the card to the back, I saw that it was produced by "Mooning Duck" and that pretty much put closure on the discussion.

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