Friday, October 19, 2007

Brave Toledo Catholic Nun Calls for Impeachment

Bush, Cheney should be impeached is the title of a letter to the Editor of The Blade this morning, penned by Sister Marie Andree Chorzempa, Sylvania Franciscans. In her opening paragraph she asks:

"Why are our senators in Congress so fearful? Why are our representatives in Washington so reluctant to take on Vice President Dick Cheney and his tactics to change constitutional law? There is so much evidence to impeach both Mr. Cheney and President Bush for their fanatical pursuit of unlimited executive powers."

Yes, Sister, Why? The answer lies in the corruption of our entire political system, I believe. The entire government, with a few isolated exceptions, is one vat of festering corruption. The corporate world has infected our Congress and the virus is widespread. Money rules supreme.

Decisions made by this once noble body are largely the result of pressure and suggestions by that swarm of cockroaches known as lobbyists. They all have a sponsor and a message; and, of course, money and power to offer. You and I, Sister, are dry toast in comparison to what these shysters have to offer. Your plea is that of one crying in the wilderness. You have no power to offer; you have no money to offer. You are only important on the first Tuesday in November. After that, you and I are faceless dullards.

There is only one solution that I can see if we are looking for real change in our government: the 537 people who represent the Executive and Legislative Branches of our government need to be overthrown. Hopefully in a bloodless coup. "Throw the bums out" literally.

The only question that I cannot answer about this idea is this: will the National Guard members shoot their neighbors?

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