Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Living an Entire Year as a Bible Literalist

Who would want to? Apparently A.J. Jacobs. He has penned the book, The Year of Living Biblically: One Man's Humble Quest to Follow the Bible as Literally as Possible. Hard to imagine what all of that entailed.

Did he smite his enemies? Beat his children? Stone adulterers?

Odd stuff, but then, these are but a few of the challenges one might face in attempting to follow the rules and regulations in that book. No doubt his wife was made to feel a 3rd class citizen [cattle are 2nd class]. I wonder if he was offered any virgin daughters to 'do with them what you will'? Surely he had to have his wife sleep elsewhere for 5 days out of every month. In fact, he couldn't touch her during menstruation.

Reviews of the book say that it is filled with humor. I bet it is, although the real folks who had to suffer through all of these oddities of Jewish life lo those millenia ago might not have found it so funny. I note that he even visited that odd monolith built deep in the Kentucky wilderness, the so-called Creation Museum.

Although many will laugh along with Jacobs, it is no laughing matter to Fundamentalists. In fact, it is no laughing matter to me, either, because I know that these fundamentalists take every word of this old history book as literally as Jacobs attempted to live it.

Even more frightening: they want to foist that on our nation. Not only do they want to, they are actively working for that end, attempting to cull more and more congressmen and state legislators to 'see it their way.' Scary. Very scary people, working to undermine the Constitution.

And they all look so all-American, so clean, so patriotic.

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