Thursday, October 18, 2007

Note to the Generals: Are the Coup Plans in Order?

" Where were these generals when they were still wearing the uniform, when their dissent might have meant something? How could they have led us into battle while having so little confidence in the battle plan?"

This from a new piece, What should generals do if Bush orders a foolish attack on Iran? by Fred Kaplan. He wondered, as did the junior officers, why so many senior officers, like Gen. Sanchez, kept their mouths closed until after their retirement.

The first sentences of the article post the problem: From the Joint Chiefs of Staff to U.S. Central Command, most of America's military leaders have expressed wariness about, if not outright opposition to, the idea of bombing Iran.

So, if President George W. Bush starts to prepare—or actually issues the order—for an attack, what should the generals do? Disobey? Rally resistance from within? Resign in protest? Retire quietly? Or salute and execute the mission?

Great questions which need to be answered NOW. Not after it happens. NOW.

A military junta is in order. Although our nation has not yet had one, neither did we have a pre-emptive invasion. Or two.

So, generals, get it planned and let the idea slip out: send the idea that 'some generals' are planning a coup if Bush bombs Iran.

It would be THE most patriotic act that you could do for us.

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