Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Putin Slaps George Off His High Horse

"Don't mess with Iran," said the former KBG agent and black-belt president of Russia. Poor George, and they were such good friends back in Crawford before the war. Bush looked into Vladimir's ["I call him Vladimir"] soul and saw a good man.

Who has kept track of all of the former 'friends' of Bush who have fallen by the wayside, like a seed on rocky ground? Old Aussie Howard is getting his butt kicked down under, to name a recent casualty. They'll be leaving Iraq when the new guy gets in. That fading coalition, my my.

Condi didn't help matters to much for Bush when she held a meeting with Russian dissidents. She is as clueless as her boss. Putin put the proverbial screws to her with today's announcement.

Clueless people pretending to be world leaders. What a farce.

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