Thursday, October 18, 2007

Eye-Plank Rhetoric of Laura Bush

Cindy Sheehan [the GOP reader inserts explitive] has penned a note to Laura Bush regarding that wooden plank in her eye. Matthew 7:3 (Look It Up) is her title. Many will recall the plastic First Lady's denouncement of the repressive government in Burma.

Odd, though, that she keeps mum about hubby. Odd, not at all, because she daily sings, Stand By Your Man. The plank.

Sheehan notes these issues with Mrs. Bush's hubby:

• I wonder if she has been to Iraq? I wonder if she has visited the millions of Iraqi and Palestinian refugees in Jordan and Syria who have been forced from their country by her husband’s tragic policies?

• I wonder if Laura has read the most recent studies that say over a million Iraqis have been killed since her husband’s “shocking and awful” on March 20. 2003?

• Does Laura know that her husband’s hired guns in Iraq, Blackwater (and the rest) gun down Iraqis just because they can?

• Doesn’t Laura know that her husband has authorized the torture of other human beings?

• The people of New Orleans still don’t have homes to return to and our streets are filled with the homeless, sick, and hopeless. Families can’t afford insurance for their children and are declaring bankruptcy or losing their homes while Laura’s spouse vetoes their hope.

Sorry, Ms. Sheehan, about the loss of your son, by the way.

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