Saturday, November 10, 2007

100% of House GOP Votes AGAINST Tax Relief

Apparently the GOP doesn't care much for middle-class Americans [as if we didn't know.] They also lie [as if we didn't know]. They tout 'tax relief' which is, in fact a GOP initiated word. But only if it is relief for the upper classes.

On Friday the House passed a bill that would relieve an estimated 23 million taxpayers from being subject to the alternative minimum tax for a year. All Republicans voted against it.

Why would the 'party of tax relief' vote against tax relief? Because it was tax relief for the wrong Americans. There were many who object to provisions that would raise tax rates on private equity managers, venture capitalists and some real estate investors to income tax rates as high as 35% instead of capital gains tax rates of 15%.

Now it becomes crystal clear which party stands for the average American citizen. Clearly.

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