Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Defrocked Priest's Funeral Full of Pomp

The Toledo Catholic Diocese never can shut the door on pedophile priests. This Catholic hierarchy is in continual denial and cover-up of priest sexual abuse. Today a defrocked priest was given a glorious funeral: it was celebrated by Bishop Donnelly and the school attached to the church was closed because the pastor did not know how large the crowd would be.

After the burial, all were invited to a country club to remember the priest who went astray. Claudi Vercellotti, SNAP local chapter leader said, "I'm not saying that people shouldn't pray for him and remember him, but honoring Neil Lucas like this almost looks like an attempt to negate what he did wrong,." Perhaps, Ms. Vercellotti, one could change your word 'negate' to 'cover-up' for a more accurate reading of the event.

Toledo has had more than its fair share of notoriety in this priest abuse scandal. The film, Twist of Faith, is but one episode in this sordid tale of hierarchical cover-up by the Catholic church in this diocese.

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