Monday, November 5, 2007

What's a Naive Texas Governor Gotten Us Into?

He looks into Putin's eyes and saw a clean soul. Shouldn't that have been a wake-up call to all of us? George W. Bush: the ne'erdowell, naive governor with a lucky last name. The man who lost the presidency then magically was placed into the White House. Did that ring any bell?

Were this a sit-com we could have had some fun. Of course, the bungler did present us with some laughs- at that press dinner when he played the game, 'Where are those WMD's?' We all thought that clever skit was a hoot, except the widows of our military.

Each day we hold our breath to see what new college frat-boy prank he'll pull on us. 'Pull my finger, I need to fart' gets lots of laughs inside the White House. Gosh, what fun. Does he throw soap in the fountains to watch the bubbles?

We haven't had such fun with a president since, well, ever! I like those tin 'Medal of Freedom' badges he hangs around the other goofs in the show. That gets lots of laughs. The one to Don Rumsfeld was a particular hoot, wasn't it? I thought George Tenet's was the best until that one came aboard. Of course, the one to L. Paul Bremer takes the cake. Did FEMA Director Michael Brown get one?

So today, one of his buds, Pervez Musharaf, has pulled the constitution, declared martial law, shut down the press, and is jailing the lawyers and dissenters. What fun! I wonder if our frat-boy-in-chief wants to copy-cat that prank here? He's love to be able to pull off that one.

Quick, pull his finger!

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